Bell's Musings

My poems and short stories, finished and in progress. Enjoy.

Groups of Threes

There is a curve to my foot that if touched just so elicits a shiver down my spine.
There is a space between my shoulder blades that if brushed causes my hair to stand on end.
There is a muscle on the outside of my left eye that is weaker than its right-side twin that makes it impossible to close my eye completely.
I sleep with my eyes open, naturally.
There is a quirk in my digestive system that makes my stomach growl at midnight.
There is a neurotic bone in my body, forcing me to group things in threes.
There is a nerve in my back that is pinched, so I  cannot sit with back straight and legs extended without my toes going numb.
I cannot touch my toes, of course.
There is a three-inch, rope-like scar between my hipbones that itches and cannot be properly scratched.
There is a flaw in my brain that allows me to hear but not process the words spoken until later.
There is a person inside of me who finds these things immensely entertaining.
Feel free to laugh along.

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